1 True Health Care Management

For Clinical Practices

Why Providers need 1TH-CM

Healthcare Providers are seeking current, real-time information to provide better care delivery. It’s literally that simple. But even before the Pandemic, Health Records have not been easy to access or manage, and Patients aren’t always fully engaged in a prescribed Care Plan.

Exacerbating the situation is the fact that COVID-19 has dramatically reduced clinical encounters. Individuals just aren’t going to the doctor as often as before, making Patient Engagement in the care plan tricky at best. How do you inform the patient, track their progress, and encourage healthier decisions while at home?

How do we engage Patients? Through the same device that they now spend the majority of their time: Their Smartphone!

At 1 True Health – Care Management, we can literally extend your Clinical Practice into the home. We will delight your Patient with compassionate care and health/wellness coaching to assist them in better managing disease states through a coordinated Care Plan. We also collect and display the signs/symptoms that identify a health crisis, and we do so from where an individual lives, not just at a point of care during a clinical encounter.

1 True Health – Care Management delivers: