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Now is the time for individuals to access accurate, specific, relevant, and easy-to-understand health information, focused on the Chronic and Acute medical issues they currently face.
Now is also the time to help prepare at-risk populations (especially the elderly) for the potential threats to come. 1 True Health – Care Management designed our clinical services and our technology solution before COVID-19 spread around the world, but because of the extreme attention the virus has created, the pandemic illustrates the value of our Services. At 1 True Health – Care Management, we delight our Customers with compassionate care and health/wellness coaching to assist them in better managing disease states through a coordinated Care Plan. We also collect and display the signs/symptoms that identify a health crisis, and we do so from where an individual lives, not just at a point of care during a clinical encounter.

1 True Health – Care Management delivers:

for individuals

1 True Health – Care Management empowers and educates the individual to manage his/her health. We help the individual to better engage in Care Plans and we provide health & wellness coaching. We identify the signs and symptoms that indicate vulnerabilities to infectious diseases, reveal chronic or acute conditions, and help the individual personally manage routine, episodic, and chronic illnesses.

for cinical practices

Healthcare Providers are seeking current, real-time information to provide better care delivery. It’s literally that simple. But even before the Pandemic, Health Records have not been easy to access or manage, and Patients aren’t always fully engaged in a prescribed Care Plan.

for senior living communities

There has never been a time where access to an intuitive Care Plan that informs and educates an individual was more important than today. The COVID-19 pandemic has hyper-focused the world on personal Health and Wellness, disease prevention, and social determinants of health. Individuals (and their Caregivers) need secure, easy access to health information and a method of monitoring for the signs/symptoms that indicate a potential disease threat to themselves or similar populations.