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A woman talking to a doctor on video call.

Continuity of Care: High-Quality, Patient-Centered Healthcare

In today’s post-pandemic healthcare landscape, the need to ensure the seamless delivery of quality patient care across multiple medical disciplines has never been greater. All too often, the most vulnerable among us are balancing the care of multiple chronic conditions while trying to navigate a complex and fragmented system of healthcare services. Your typical senior

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Senior couple making a video call to the doctor while sitting at home.
Happy Seniors

Geriatric Specialty Care: Best Practices for Your Practice

Aging creates a whole host of potential complications and problems for elderly patients, from drug interactions to increased risk of falls to new chronic health conditions. To address these unique needs, geriatric specialty care is essential. Geriatricians are specially trained to understand the complex health needs of older adults. They can provide comprehensive care and

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Shot of smiling happy seniors sitting on a sofa and relaxing together.
Happy Seniors

The Secrets of Happy Seniors

It’s no secret that the elderly often face social and emotional problems that make it harder to be happy. Isolation, loneliness, and depression are just a few of the challenges they may have to come to terms with as they age. However, there are ways to help ease these problems and improve their overall well-being.

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