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Integrated, personalized systems for comprehensive care

Making senior patient care easier and more effective than ever

Closing the Gap Between
Patient and Provider

Clinical practices

Our care navigators and remote monitoring services mean you don’t have to lie awake at night worrying about your older patients. Our one-on-one virtual access helps keep patients aware, engaged, and informed. You’ll receive all the relevant updates and alerts without additional stress on your already overworked staff.

Senior Living Centers

Your valued residents are still independent, but that doesn’t mean they are on their own. Our telehealth visits and health monitoring services mean they will always have someone they can turn to for support. With just a little extra help from 1 True Health, your residents can remain healthier and independent longer.

Independent Seniors

Aging brings new challenges to seniors and their families. With 1 True Health, older adults are engaged with delightful, informative, and regular conversations with our knowledgeable care navigators. We help keep our patients on track with their care plan while keeping family and medical providers updated with their status.

Serve Patients Better Without More Staff

Senior patients often come with more complex care plans. Medication, appointments, and other health maintenance tasks can be a challenge keep up with. Instead of contacting your office, the care navigators at 1 True Health will coordinate all this and more. We also keep you in the loop with comprehensive patient records all in one place with alerts if the patient needs your attention. Your patients will be taken care of with delightful, personal service and you and your staff can focus on the in-person visits that need you the most.

Beyond Telehealth: Healthcare for the New Era

The COVID-19 pandemic gave us all a greater appreciation for the value of telehealth, and 1 True Health is expanding upon that concept. We have created a revolutionary new system that improves patient outcomes and lightens the load on overburdened healthcare workers. By acting as a knowledgeable, attentive liaison, our care navigators make sure your senior patients are receiving guidance, answered questions, and all the attention they need. We also update their Personal Health Record, accessible to all participants in the patient’s Care Network, so providers have all the information needed when the patient needs you directly.

Patient Reviews

Aging Well with a Streamlined Engaged Care System

The 1 True Health Care Management platform uses intelligent software and virtual care navigators to streamline chronic and acute senior health concerns. Led by experienced physicians, our team connects with patients using video, email, text, and telephone calls We help them manage medications, provide health education, and assist with day-to-day concerns. Their Personal Health Record is then accessible to authorized doctors, pharmacists, engaged family members, and the patient themselves. Care navigators act as a helpful, delightful resource to happy seniors, and patients are still be able to engage with providers as needed. Effective care has never been easier – or more enjoyable – for healthcare providers and patients alike.

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