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The COVID-19 Effect

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way individuals live and interact. Clinical encounters have dramatically decreased as individuals stay at home and avoid visits to the Hospital. Outpatient procedures have been dramatically reduced, and even regular “checkups” with the doctor have also decreased as people limit their potential exposure to COVID-19.
To monitor COVID-19 (and other communicable diseases) the nation’s public health system utilizes a process called “Syndromic Surveillance”. This refers to methods relying on the detection of individual and population health indicators that are discernible before confirmed diagnoses. Signs and Symptoms associated with a range of common illnesses, communicable diseases, and even natural or human-made outbreaks are captured in nearly real-time, primarily at a point of care, such as a hospital’s emergency department.

However, what is missing is the extension of Disease Surveillance past large clinical settings to the doctor’s office and into the home. Imagine the value of extending the identification of signs and symptoms down to where a person lives. At 1 True Health – Care Management, our clinical services focused on Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring are combined with the ability to conduct Disease Surveillance in the home. This provides the 1 True Health – Care Management customer with a unique and strategic advantage to monitor and protect those who participate in our Services.Interested in seeing how 1 True Health – Care Management addresses the COVID-19 effect?

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