1 True Health Care Management

Meet Our Care Navigators

Everyone can benefit from Compassionate Care.

1 True Health – Care Management is laser-focused on providing high-energy, passionate, empathic, and personalized Chronic Care Management engagement and health/wellness coaching. At the heart of our delightful service is the “Care Navigator”.

Our Care Navigators are highly trained, compassionate people who use their innate talents and skills to create a close connection with the individual right from the start. They are inviting and non-threatening – making all individuals, regardless of their health risks or wellness goals, feel welcome and inspired. Available on a 24x7x365 basis, Care Navigators assess health risks, set relevant goals, monitor progress, provide coaching, and deliver support and encouragement along the way.

“1 True Health – Care Management’s Care Navigators are the best in the business and meet our impeccably high standards. Individuals will have their regularly scheduled chronic care management, and health/wellness coaching sessions throughout the month. But what happens between these calls? This is where our Care Navigators shine, by leveraging wellness tools to drive consistency in heath-habit improvements with ongoing status updates, emails and a digital dialogue with their Customers on a regular basis. Give us a call so we can provide a delightful experience as you improve your health.”

Beth Sims, Director of Care Coordination